Career Resources

Your impact in shaping future policy begins from the time you are admitted to the Master of Social Policy Evaluation. Students will receive comprehensive and bespoke career advising, networking opportunities, employer visits and resources tailored to supplement their academic tenure at Rice. Whether students are looking for entry-level positions or for upward mobility within their current organization, we encourage all students to maintain a systemic approach to efficiently balance the program’s academic rigor and an effective job search.

In addition to the resources provided by the Master of Social Policy Evaluation staff, MSPE students also have access to the full breadth of Rice University resources listed below.

Additional Networking Opportunities

  • All students entering the Master of Social Policy Evaluation will be given a one-year complimentary membership to the American Evaluation Association.
  • MSPE students are eligible to apply for a one-time $500 professional travel grant to explore conferences and networking opportunities related to their career search.

STEM Certified

The MSPE is a STEM-certified degree that provides international students authorization to work in the United States for up to three years (24 months of STEM OPT extension beyond the regular 12-month OPT.)